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While Diering said the pets are impressive to see up close, he is worried regarding the safety and security of neighboring homeowners and the home harm dued to bear burglaries.

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Released Tuesday, August 18, 2015 9:32 AM EDT

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A bear in British Columbia found the perfect means to beat the provinces record-breaking heat by swimming in a North Vancouver locals swimming pool.

Vancouver'sTony Diering finds bear in pool, hottub

Backyard bear

Video caught by Diering shows the bear relaxing in the swimming pool on Monday prior to delicately surrendering right into the affixed warm tub.

I hope that hell simply go consume some berries in the mountains rather, he claimed.

Despite B.C.s high bear population, direct encounters with the animals are unusual. But Diering said this is his 2nd encounter with a bear in simply over a month.

With a record from CTV Vancouvers Alex Turner


Its merely remarkable, said home owner Tony Diering. You see funny points on YouTube, yet to have it taking place in your very own backyard ...

Bear in a pool

Diering and his better half typically aren't certain if it was the exact same bear that entered their backyard on Monday.

Regarding a month earlier, the bear came and he was aiding himself to the bird seed, he claimed.

The pet, Diering stated, entered the backyard by breaking down part of a wooden fencing surrounding the building.

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