Medical Examiner identifies boy who drowned in Parma swimming pool -

reporting a sinking in a pool on best automatic above ground pool cleaners the 3300 block of Lincoln Opportunity, Parma Police Lt. Numerous neighbors pool sweep aimed to revive the child making use of CPR till a rescue arrived, Riley said.

Domenico Bellezza was obvious dead at maytronics pool cleaners University Hospitals Thursday night.

Police obtained multiple calls concerning 7 p.m.

Relative that concerned the doorway at the Lincoln Avenue property as well as numerous next-door neighbors declined to comment Friday early morning.

PARMA, Ohio-- The Cuyahoga Area Medical Examiner has actually launched the identity of a 4-year-old child which sank in a Parma swimming pool.

The child's death stays under investigation, however Riley stated police do not think nasty play was an aspect.

Paramedics found Domenico less competent. Kevin Riley said.

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